Find Out The Traditional Elements Behind Eric Charles Designs – Miami Design Agenda

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Find Out The Traditional Elements Behind Eric Charles Designs

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Eric Charles Designs stands as a full-service interior design firm that focuses on the embellishment of mansions, creating custom luxury homes for every client across the country. This specialty of perfectly reflecting the clients’ tastes was achieved through the company’s will power, to be the best design firm in the industry. Today, Miami Design Agenda walks you through the traditional and natural concept of this amazing company!


Credits by Eric Charles Designs

According to Eric Charles Designs, the head designer seeks “to create spaces that are warm and livable on a daily basis. A home should be beautiful, functional and original“. With that belief, this Florida-based design company looks to establish these characteristics throughout every setting in a home. There’s nothing more beautiful than to create a natural and traditional vibe around a home.


Credits by Eric Charles Designs

Eric Charles Designs has achieved this amazing status in the design industry due to their concern of carefully listening to their clients through every step of the design process. Their vision, as well as their needs, desires and aesthetic preferences, are perfectly met by the design company.


Credits by Eric Charles Designs

Eric Charles Designs distinguishes itself through close relationships with architects, builders, and tradespeople. Their ultimate goal is definitely to satisfy the client while providing the best possible communication to the team. With that mindset, the client feels special, guided, and absolutely satisfied through the whole process, where the result is magnificent.


Credits by Eric Charles Designs

They make sure to keep track of all the subjects regarding the project’s specifications and installation. As the design firm works for every project, they also provide the architectural drawings, conceptual 3-D renderings and specification schedules. They also invest in interior architectural detailing, interior, and exterior finish selection, lighting, electrical, and interior furnishings.


Credits by Eric Charles Designs

Besides the full-services of this interior design agency, they offer another great selection of services that include design (programming, development, presentations, and administration), schematic design, bidding and negotiation, and shop drawing review. Their large catalog of incredible and on-point services describes Eric Charles Designs as one of the top companies in this industry.


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