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Francois Frossard Design Stands As A Multifaceted Firm

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Francois Frossard Design stands as a Miami-based multifaceted design studio specializing in the hospitality sector. Created in 2001 by Francois Frossard, the lead designer, has designed some of the most recognizable nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and residences in The United States and across the world. Join Miami Design Agenda and find everything you need to know about this top designer!

Credits by Francois Frossard Design

It’s in the heart of Miami that exists an amazing interior design company, Francois Frossard Design! Created in 2001 by Francois Frossard, this firm sits on a multidisciplinary studio that delivers projects from residential to hospitality. Each project takes on amazing concepts that are surrounded by luxury and bespoke pieces.


Credits by Francois Frossard Design

From the United States Of America to the rest of the world, Francois Frossard Design shares a large number of projects on his portfolio, being each and every project a faithful reflection of the designer’s identity. He’s behind some of the most prestigious nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and residences!


Credits by Francois Frossard Design

Francois Frossard is the founding principal of Francois Frossard Design and considered one of the boldest interior designers and interior architects in the country. His dazzling style along with his high bold drama decor style is easily perceived in his projects. He’s able to make everything stand out in a diverse area!


Credits by Francois Frossard Design

He began in France, but then he was offered a position in Chicago as Head of Design & Production for an internationally acclaimed designer, Jordan Mozer. His work with the designer, opened the door to significant commercial projects including Las Vegas Bellagio Hotel & Casino’s Race and Sport Book Lounge, Cirque du Sole il Retail Store, and Disney Quest.


Credits by Francois Frossard Design

Keeping up with Miami Beach’s evolution from bohemian hot-spot to America’s Riviera, the designer has been doing a great job in exceeding the expectations of well-heeled visitors and residents. Around this time, Francois Frossard Design pioneered a new era in nightlife design, setting new standards in interior design around the world.


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