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The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century
The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century

Kelly Hoppen spoke about the evolution of the bathroom today in a conference at Maison & Objet Americas, which is taking place from May 12 – 15 in Miami Beach.

The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century  The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century IMG 5319 1

From function to indulgence, the bathroom is nowadays more and more seen as a personal sanctuary where people want to be in order to relax and take care of their beauty and well being.

Having that in mind, the international renowned interior designer launched a new bathware collection in collaboration with the australian bathware designer Apraiser.

The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century  The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century IMG 5351

Composed of sculptural pieces, the collection is based on clean lines, symmetry and neutral tones.  As Kelly Hoppen explained, she tries to do something neutral enough to let people use these beautiful pieces in ambiences which  mirror their own style, which “fit in”.

The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century  The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century IMG 5354

But how did the bathroom go from function to indulgence? “today people have expectations. They see everything online and they want those beautiful bathrooms in their own home. They want to feel connected with it. People travel more now and so they experience luxurious bathrooms if they go to good hotels and they want to bring it home”

The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century  The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century IMG 5346

kelly  Hoppen doesn’t believe in trends. What matters is “your past, what you love, when you enter the door you sig of releif and you are home in your own sanctuary. That’swhy I design neutrals, they must fit in and last for a long time”
For Kelly Hoppen “home is luxury, the way you feel in a home,” where design must evolve with one’s live.

The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century  The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century IMG 5352 1

The designer’s new bathroom collection includes stunning layered designs made from reclaimed marble and can be described as a celebration of the east  where the act of bathing is a ceremony.

The designer describes her collection as accessible, beautiful, “what we deserve today”

The result is a blend of inspiring design aesthetic and a lixurious bathing experience which eases dthe stress of modern life. This is how any 21st century bathroom should be.

The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century  The Luxury Bathrooms of the 21st Century  113C5AD0CFCFE0A0CBFB08327E3C7B650ABB618B48E7B11496 pimgpsh fullsize distr1

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