Some parties and events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 – Miami Design Agenda

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Some parties and events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Art Basel Miami Beach is a fair and it is all about art but it is also a social gathering where people from all over the world get together to see art, share experiences and also to party.

Friday Dec.5

– To begin the night there will be Cocktail reception at Ricart Gallery Miami at 6 p.m. By Photomania whom showcases pieces of art of Tiziano Magni, Bert Stern, David Lachapelle, Claude Charlier, Peggy Melia and much more. This a celebration of the Gallery’s sixth year anniversary (this showcase is going to be all week at Art Basel, 10am – 10pm). Location: Ricart Gallery – 444 NW 28th Street, Wynwood, 305-576-5000-;

Some parties and events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

– There is going to be a dinner in on honor for the photographer Ryan McGinley and the artists that have helped AIDS Community Research Initiative of America (ACRIA). Location: 2901 Collins Ave.

Some parties and events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014Some parties and events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014Some parties and events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014


– Another dinner but this one is hosted by the one and only Roberto Cavalli. This dinner will have the presence of the singer Rita Ora. Location:  South Beach restaurant and club – 150 Ocean Drive.

Some parties and events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

– I am sure that if you are an enthusiast for the theme Art Basel you know that James Blake is playing tonight at a location undisclosed with invitation only at 9:00.

Some parties and events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

– The little sister of Beyoncé, Solange Knowles will host a party tonight at Jack Shainman Gallery’s beach party that will happen at the Surfcomber Hotel, there will be shown the Hank Willis Thomas and The Cause Collective’s In Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth).

Some parties and events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Saturday Dec.6

– If you want to shake it off and mix it up with some music you have to check the event Revolt: Art. Music. Blended. Revolt Blended Cultures featuring live music and live painting by artists SP, China, QA and Bryan Blue, with special guests. Location: Brisky Gallery, 130 NW 24th Street, Miami –

Some parties and events in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

– The Bakehouse Art Week Vip party begins at 10pm and consists in various exhibitions: : In Response, curated by Justin Long; Anatomy of American Aggression, curated by Kenny Riches. Open artist studios, performance by Bluejay, food trucks, ArtCars presented by South Motors and more. Free entry with a VIP Art Fair pass. Location:  Bakehouse Art Complex, 561 NW 32nd Street, Miami, 305-576-2828,


Some options for your last days in Art Basel Miami Beach 2014. Be excited because the weekend is here and full of art! Check our post about some exhibitions and events where you have to be!

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