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Places You Shouldn't Miss: Fredric Snitzer Gallery
Places You Shouldn’t Miss: Fredric Snitzer Gallery
Places You Shouldn’t Miss: Fredric Snitzer Gallery – Fredric Snitzer Gallery is one of the most well-known galleries that exist in Miami and a leader in the contemporary art market. Founded back in 1977, this gallery wants to show the world all kinds of media from contemporary artists, especially those who have Latin American roots.


Fredric Snitzer, the owner of the gallery, was one of the early champions of contemporary Latin American art in the United States since he already wanted to show the work of Cuban artists in the 80s, mainly with the Cuban rafters exhibition “They would rather die”. Over the years, this gallery has been focused on showing works by emerging and mid-career talent on a local and global scale.
Places You Shouldn't Miss: Fredric Snitzer GalleryFrankfort Museum of Modern Art (Model) by James Wines, 1983 (Acrylic, wood, paint)


Untitled (Head) Witness by Carlos Alfonzo, 1990 (Oil on canvas)


Teapot and Ball by Zeke Berman, 1986 (Vintage Gelatin Silver Print)


Smells like spring by Hiejin Yoo, 2017 (Flashe and oil on canvas)


Redo (Rendering) by Alexandre Arrechea, 2018 (Installation with mixed-media)


Fredric Snitzer Gallery was an early pioneer in Miami’s Wynwood Art District but, more recently, it moved to Miami’s Arts and Entertainment District. The new space includes an outdoor courtyard with at least eight rotating exhibitions by its artists each year. In this month of December, you know that there are going to be a lot of events related to art and design in Miami, and this gallery is going to exhibit its work at Art Basel Miami, between December 6-9. Be sure to pay them a visit, either if you’re going to the event or you’re just visiting the city of Miami!


(Photo Credits to Fredric Snitzer Gallery)
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