Peter Pennoyer Architects Recognized in 2020 AD100 – Miami Design Agenda
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Peter Pennoyer Architects Recognized in 2020 AD100

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Peter Pennoyer Architects sits on a 50-talented design team, filled with experts in the area of architecture and interior design. Based in Manhattan, and with an office in Miami, this prestigious design firm was founded in 1990, and since then it is responsible for the creation of amazing and challenging projects. Today, Miami Design Agenda presents this firm that was recognized in AD100 of 2020!


Credits by Peter Pennoyer Architects

Meet Peter Pennoyer Architects, a design pillar in the design world, due to the amazing achievements in construction, renovation and historic preservation for residential, commercial and institutional projects across the United States and also on an international level. Their committed work since its foundation in 1999, made them one of the leaders in these sectors, and reference in the industry.


Credits by Peter Pennoyer Architects

Their work method is characterized by sophisticated detail, high-quality craftsmanship and a perfect balance between comfort, beauty, modernity, and continuity with the past. Their identity as a design firm was developed throughout the years, where attention to every detail of each project is the main key for the success they have today.


Credits by Peter Pennoyer Architects

Based in Manhattan, Peter Pennoyer Architects also shares an office in Miami, where they have also developed many projects. By dedicating also to residential spaces, they’re able to combine in the most perfect way the establishment of the most bespoke pieces of furniture, along with their unique style as designers.


Credits by Peter Pennoyer Architects

They firmly believe that the creative process begins once the schedule and budget are clearly defined. Besides those main principles. they also believe in collaboration as a successful part of each company. In every project, it’s clearly stated that the voice of our client and the creative talents of the architects, designers, craftsmen, and artists is heard most of all.


Credits by Peter Pennoyer Architects

With over 200 built projects ranging from renovations of significant landmarked structures to newly built condominium towers, we are well versed in dealing with multi-layered governmental agencies. They continue to thrive with the amazing creations they’re developing, and that’s why Peter Pennoyer Architects was recognized as AD100 of 2020!


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