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The Forge, a Breathtaking Restaurant in Miami Beach


The Forge is situated on the renowned Miami Beach. This wonderful and breath-taking restaurant is the perfect heaven for posh clientele to revel in the most scrumptious meals and wines they have ever savoured. Owned by Shareef Malnik the Forge offers exclusivity and vintage interiors like no place else.


In the beginning, the place were the restaurant is now located used to be a blacksmith’s foundry back in the 20’s while in the 30’s it become a sophisticated go-to dining and dancing showplace as well as a gambling nightclub where many of the most renowned celebrities and socialites of the time would go to have fun, from Frank Sinatra to Judy Garland.





The Forge went through a process of renovation after passing on from father to son in order to preserve that sense of luxury and glamorous. Within the many amenities and services the restaurant has to offer, visitors can enjoy from 5 affluent private dining rooms, a suitable nightclub and a swank cocktail lounge.

FOTO-5 the forge


FOTO-7 the forge

Keeping up with the latest decor trends, the interiors are best defined for a singular sophistication and boldness, including remarkable chandeliers from the White House. Having an enriching and ambrosial menu, “The Forge” presents a wide variety of cuisine, from traditional steakhouse fare to upscale farm-to-table cuisine, adding always a touch of modernity to its dishes.




While the cuisine plays a major factor in the success of the restaurant, it is its finest and rarest collections of wine bottles that brings in the big crowds, such as a 1792 Madeira or a Chateau Lafitte Rothschild. So make sure to visit this phenomenal restaurant to enjoy all of these wonders.


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