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Luxury at Its Best: The Miami Biltmore Hotel
Luxury at Its Best: The Miami Biltmore Hotel
Luxury at Its Best: The Miami Biltmore Hotel – When it comes to luxurious places, the state of Florida has a lot to offer, even if you can only think about hotels and restaurants. Well, The Miami Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables has both things combined and we’re here to show you why you should stay in this elegant hotel whenever you want to visit the amazing city of Miami.


This National Historic Landmark with close proximity to Miami Beach and Downtown Miami opened back in 1926 and is going to completly reopen on December 15 following an extensive $25 million makeover. This hotel has Mediterranean architecture with Italian, Moorish, and Spanish influences – the design was overseen by Dee Malone of D’Shakil Designs – and it has always been a favorite of world leaders and celebrities, since it has 273 rooms that include 133 suites, golf and tennis courts, the largest hotel pool on the East Coast of the United States of America, a spa and a fitness center with all of the brand-new technology you could ever imagine. Luxury at Its Best: The Miami Biltmore Hotel

Luxury at Its Best: The Miami Biltmore Hotel


The room or suites that range from Junior to Executive will give an atmosphere of luxury and traditional elegance, with décor inspired by Mediterraenean and Moorish influences, and also with views of the city skyline. The hotel offers you with 340-thread-count cotton duvet covers, Jerusalem stone-tiled floors, balconies, flat-screen TVs, minibars, safes and everything you would like and need in your little own escape from reality.

Luxury at Its Best: The Miami Biltmore Hotel


This hotel is an amazing place not only for leisure and business travel, but also for corporate briefings, public policy conferences or even for a wedding destination. Over its 150 acres of land, it also has to offer the most sophisticated dining experiences, with restaurants such as Palme d’Or, Fontana, Cascade and The 19th Hole. Two bars, a classic afternoon tea service, a juice bar, and a culinary academy are other experiences that you are able to find in The Biltmore Miami.


It’s important to tell you that, as much we love this historical and unique landmark, we’re not the only ones that have this opinion. Architectural Digest considered Biltmore Miami one of the 21 hottest design hotels for the year of 2019. We hope we have gave us enough reasons to stay here.
Address: 1200 Anastasia Ave – Coral Gables, FL 33134, USA


Photo courtesy of The Miami Biltmore Hotel



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