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Take A Look The Mesmerizing Raleigh Gardens In Miami Beach



Article originally published on January 29, 2020


Meet the Raleigh Gardens in Miami Beach, an absolute masterpiece designed by the prestigious duo Peter Marino and Raymond Jungles. This amazing garden is located right in the Raleigh Hotel, which was completely renovated recently. The hotel is hosting an outdoor exhibition entitled Les Lalanne at the Raleigh Gardens that you can see until February 29th. Join Miami Design Agenda and get the exclusive peek of this detailed garden.


It was the worldwide recognized designer Peter Marino and landscape designer Raymond Jungles that took the challenge of designing the Raleigh Gardens at the Raleigh Hotel, in Miami Beach. This tropical-themed garden was renovated, along with the hotel, and its official unveiling occurred during Art Basel Miami Beach, which is the eclectic event that presents the best if art and design, celebrating every artist!


Open to the public since November and remaining until February, this amazing outdoor exhibition called Les Lalanne, features a tropical concept, with amazing sculptures of many wild animals. The amazing and diverse flora features 32 sculptures such as monkeys, sheep, and many other amazing art sculptures. This presents itself as the peak of harmony and peace through art, especially with the vision of top designers.


This exhibition was organized by real state developed and founder of SHVO, Michael Shvo and his partners Bilgili Holdings and Deutsche Finance. The focal point will to pay homage and celebrate the artistic work of the late Claude and François-Xavier Lalanne, who together comprised Les Lalanne. That tribute couldn’t result on a more mesmerizing exhibition, filled with the absolute special and bespoke features.


The star art pieces of the show sit on Porte du Jardin (1992), the Choupatte, Très Grand (2008) and Signe Avisé Très Grande (2010). The first frames the entrance, the second is an outlandish yet impressive creation of cabbage with bird’s feet and the last one consists of a large scale gorilla that is seating down on the grass.


This amazing exhibition stands as the ultimate homage, mixed with eccentric elements, yet inexplicably meant to be there, the concept was just the cherry on top! Les Lalanne is one of the largest and most amazing outdoor exhibitions to honor the artists and is only set to be concluded on February 29, 2020, so make sure to pay a visit at the Raleigh Gardens in Miami Beach, before it’s over!




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