Jamie Bush Co, The Mid-Century Design Legend – Miami Design Agenda

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Jamie Bush Co, The Mid-Century Design Legend
Jamie Bush Co, The Mid-Century Design Legend

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Jamie Bush Co is massively recognizable for his prestigious settings, that is able to compose within his interior design projects. With a childhood background in Long Island, the designer explored the whole world, in order to educate himself into the design area, with a focus on organic modernism. Attracting a Mid-Century Modern Residential Architecture, Jamie Bush is top Los Angeles interior designer, that we would love to present you, through this amazing interview!



Jamie Bush Co, The Mid-Century Design Legend

Credits by Matthew Millman

This interior designer needs no introduction because he’s one of the top interior designers in Los Angeles, and of course at a worldwide level. Born and raised in Long Island, we present Jamie Bush + Co, an interior designer that was constantly surrounded by design, art, and photography, from a very young age. He clearly states that the “creative, dedicated people I surround myself with every day – they are family to me and I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by such great souls”. This means that everyone that’s close to him, is a quintessential aspect, that truly defines him as a designer, as well the explanation for the love he has for his work.



Jamie Bush Co, The Mid-Century Design Legend

Credits by Matthew Millman

He thrives professionally when he has “a client that trusts me and allows me to create a home for them that is a complete artistic vision“. That is an ultimate joy for the designer because he’s able to transform a space into something magnificent, focusing on his design identity, as well as respecting the client’s taste and personality. His main goal is to completely satisfy them, because “our clients tend to be sophisticated individuals looking for a casual California modern lifestyle that is livable, filled with color and texture with furnishings that have a story to tell. Pieces that may be vintage or custom designs we create specifically for them or a collaboration with an artisan. Some clients are very involved in the whole process and some not at all – it all depends on interest and honestly if they have the time”. To make them justice, he perfectly keeps up with the typical California lifestyle, to create stunning settings.


Jamie Bush Co, The Mid-Century Design Legend

Credits by Matthew Millman

It’s not always easy to have a strategy to capture that specific type of client, but the interior designer shares his methods, in order to present his work to the world, as well as attract potential clients. “We do focus a lot on publishing our projects in the states and internationally. It’s fun to see a finished job photographed and toss it out in the world and see how the response is. I’m always surprised how well-received our work has been for so many years and it’s so appreciated. We do use social media, mostly Instagram to promote our work and it’s been great to meet editors, photographers, stylists, writers, etc. who we’ve formed partnerships with”. With that in mind, social platforms are important to expose his projects, mostly apps such as Instagram. Through those apps, he’s able to analyze the feedback and be even better as a designer.


Jamie Bush Co, The Mid-Century Design Legend

Credits by Matthew Millman

Jamie Bush + Co founded his own interior architecture and design firm in 2002, and has already transformed some of the most incredible and historical residential modernist homes in the United States. Although is highly recognizable for his astounding work, he has overcome his fair share of challenging times. “Like many people, the financial crisis of 2008 was devastating to our business and we had to let almost everyone go and honestly slowly start over. We paired down and took anything that paid the bills and slowly got to work again. Luckily, we already had a clientele and a portfolio of completed and published work which gave us a boost once the economy started to turn around. I always felt bad for designers just starting out at that time but now, fortunately, everyone is busy”. There are more difficult economic phases, but the designer was able to successfully grow throughout all that.



Jamie Bush Co, The Mid-Century Design Legend

Credits by Roger Davies/OTTO

The interior designer proudly affirms that he has “definitely reached some of my goals and important milestones so far and nearing 50 there are so many more things I’d like to do including starting a family, designing a furniture line, publish a book or books of my work, having a solo art show of my paintings and making a home for myself with a beautiful garden”. Of course, there are many things that Jamie would still like to accomplish, and we’re sure that that won’t be a problem. But right now, he has over 10 different projects that are keeping him busy. “A luxury high rise in Manhattan, a period mid-century home by Pierre Koenig in Palos Verdes, California; a large brutalist vacation home on Lake Tahoe in Nevada and many more”.



Credits by Roger Davies/OTTO

Inspired by “the architecture, the site, and our clients”, his projects “tend to be aesthetically varied but they are always inspired by color, nature and organic textures“. For future inspirations in the next projects, Jamie Bush really thinks that “clean geometries, natural materials, and blush colors” are the one that will prevail into the interior design work, and we’re sure that Jamie Bush will perfectly keep up with those hottest and future trends. He has always approached the design of the space as one holistic vision. His firm has collaborated with some of the most respected names in the business including Steven Ehrlich, Marmol Radziner, David Hertz, and many more. Jamie’s designs have been featured in over 70 publications worldwide including Architectural Digest, Interior Design, Vogue, Elle Decor, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times.



Jamie Bush Co, The Mid-Century Design Legend

Credits by Matthew Millman

The 2019 Elle Decor’s A-List of Top Designers chosen designer states that Los Angeles, Ashville NC, and NYC craftsman are definitely leading the way into the concept of the craftsmanship. “These smaller makers are creating the most brilliant and beautifully made pieces that a large manufacturer isn’t capable of doing. There is something about bench-made pieces fabricated by hand which is of the highest caliber for me”. As the future goes into the interior design, Jamie Bush Co finds it hard to say what’s coming but he definitely thinks that “mass production, modular housing, and more environmentally conscience fabrication is already happening”.


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