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Fort Lauderdale – City Guide

Fort Lauderdale is calling you! Situated 28 miles north of Miami, this tourist destination is known as the “Yachting Capital of the World”, will host the 60th annual edition of FLIBS (Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show) at the end of the month and we prepared a city guide for you. Join Miami Design Agenda and discover the most luxurious hotels and restaurants that will make your experience even more exciting!

Where to stay:

Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale

Located near the beach and 5min away from FLIBS, the Ritz-Carlton is a hotel that combines both glamour and the essence of Fort Lauderdale. Inspired by the nautical heritage, this hotel is fantastic for you to enjoy the amazing ocean view from your room.

Fort Lauderdale, Yacht, Yacht Event, Yatch Lifestyle, Restaurants, Hotels, FLIBS, City Guide, Boat Show, Yachting Capital

The Atlantic Hotel & Spa

Located in Fort Lauderdale, this amazing hotel is where the luxury meets the white sand beach. A perfect choice for a relaxed night and just 6min away from FLIBS. You certainly won’t regret it!

Fort Lauderdale, Yacht, Yacht Event, Yatch Lifestyle, Restaurants, Hotels, FLIBS, City Guide, Boat Show, Yachting Capital

Conrad Fort Lauderdale

The Conrad Fort Lauderdale is a luxury hotel resort located on the ocean-front property on North Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard that redefines ultra-elegant hospitality.  Situated 10min away from FLIBS, this hotel offers two distinct collections of luxury and premium all-suite accommodations.

Fort Lauderdale, Yacht, Yacht Event, Yatch Lifestyle, Restaurants, Hotels, FLIBS, City Guide, Boat Show, Yachting Capital



Where to eat:

Shooters Waterfront

We invite you to escape to shooters waterfront! With its dockside views and fresh seafood served up in a relaxed environment, this waterfront restaurant is an excellent choice.

Fort Lauderdale, Yacht, Yacht Event, Yatch Lifestyle, Restaurants, Hotels, FLIBS, City Guide, Boat Show, Yachting Capital


Meet Truluck’s, one of the finest seafood, steak and crab house in Fort Lauderdale! Excellent fresh crab directly from local fisheries, fresh-catch seafood menu and prime tender, juicy steaks prepared to perfection. Don’t Forget to complement it all with delicious wines.

 Fort Lauderdale, Yacht, Yacht Event, Yatch Lifestyle, Restaurants, Hotels, FLIBS, City Guide, Boat Show, Yachting Capital

Jackson’s Prime

Jackson’s Prime is one of the best restaurants in Fort Lauderdale, featuring Midwestern USDA Prime Steaks, a designation that certifies graded cuts from “the top 2%” of beef available in the country. The menu also includes other top-quality meat, poultry, seafood and vegetarian selections.

Fort Lauderdale, Yacht, Yacht Event, Yatch Lifestyle, Restaurants, Hotels, FLIBS, City Guide, Boat Show, Yachting Capital


Places to visit:

The Galleria – Fort Lauderdale

One of South Florida’s premier shopping destinations, The Galleria has more than 100 fashions retailers and multiple popular stores. Just steps away from Fort Lauderdale’s famous beach and 10min from FLIBS this amazing mall is the place to go.


Fort Lauderdale, Yacht, Yacht Event, Yatch Lifestyle, Restaurants, Hotels, FLIBS, City Guide, Boat Show, Yachting Capital

Boulevard Las Olas

South of The Galleria you can explore one of the city’s most famous boulevards, Las Olas. This elegant street known as “the shopper’s paradise” is where you can find fashion boutiques, art galleries and amazing restaurants.

Fort Lauderdale, Yacht, Yacht Event, Yatch Lifestyle, Restaurants, Hotels, FLIBS, City Guide, Boat Show, Yachting Capital

FLIBS – Fort Lauderdale Boat Show:

Taking place in October 30 – November 3, 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show has on display a vast array of the industry’s latest boats and yachts of all sizes. There will be over 1500 boats to see and more than 1200 exhibitors with marine products and accessories to enhance the nautical lifestyle.

Location: Bahia Mar Yachting Center.

Fort Lauderdale, Yacht, Yacht Event, Yatch Lifestyle, Restaurants, Hotels, FLIBS, City Guide, Boat Show, Yachting Capital

Don’t forget to visit the Covet House Stand in FLIBS, where you can find a premium selection of contemporary design from the world’s top furniture, lighting and accessory brands to furnish any interior.



Introducing Superyacht Village, The Celebration Of The 60th Anniversary

Meet Oceanco, The Top Yachting Builder Superstar

FLIBS 2019: Enjoy The Whole Yacht Event Experience


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