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Errez Design, The Go-To Place For Biographical Design

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Errez Design is a full-service interior design firm, located in Coral Gables Florida. Founded by the designer duo Katie and Ruben D. Gutierrez, this company features an amazing and diverse portfolio that perfectly reflects the Florida vibe. Join Miami Design Agenda and get to know better this amazing design team!


Credits by Errez Design

Errez Design practices its design concept through a clear set of principles: respecting the client’s legacy, history, culture, language, craft and last but not least, people. In order to do so, this design company reflects each and every client’s taste and personality through the establishment of amazing and refined spaces.


Credits by Errez Design

This company firmly believes in creating a space that provides both a safe space, as well as sophisticated space, as you always envisioned. Design is not only a one-way street but instead, it presents multiples possibilities for the development of astounding design, to celebrate design, in each way it is displayed.


Credits by Errez Design

This interior design firm happily establishes spaces that are able to grow with the clients, and also to develop throughout the years. Founded in 2009, Errez Design presents ten beautiful years of experience and exciting projects that made them grow and adapt to the biographical design method they share over every project they embrace.


Credits by Errez Design

Their mission as a design company is definitely to learn everything that makes their clients tick, in order to create truly bespoke and beautiful spaces. Their biographical design identity has been expanded throughout the years, in many commercial projects such as restaurants, workspaces, showrooms, that are really unique.


Credits by Errez Design

Their design style is varied, concentrating on a modern and contemporary concept, balancing the use of live colors and bespoke furniture. Between simplicity, modernism and an urban vibe, Errez Design is able to do ti all, establishing the most amazing projects.

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