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Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish
Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish

This exhibition was an eye catcher to the public on Design Miami 2014 because of the installation by design studio RO/LU in collaboration with Various Projects. The protagonist was the grid the background black, this two mixed were a optical illusion room at Design Miami.

Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish  Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish imagem 110


This booth includes a dining table, four stools, a closed cabinet and two life-size steel figures.

For Design Miami 2014 the walls of this project were totally covered with black and white gridded fabric. This material was putted in that booth to be equal or similar to the installation and the result of them together tricks the eye.

Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish  Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish imagem 82

Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish  Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish imagem 42

This new series of the studio RO/LU presented by Patrick Parrish is a collaboration between installations and models. The models werw wearing the clothes with the same fabric has the walls to complement all the scenario. This people also went all over the fair with Various Projects clothes on.

See also:

Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish  Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish imagem 33

The inspiration of this project is philosopher Bruno Latour’s concept that objects, images and ideas are also alive an they have their own mind and they will not just sit still on someone’s watch.

Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish  Design Miami Throwback: Patrick Parrish imgaem 5

The concept is interesting and the way the installation makes you feel gives you a push forward to go and sit and experiment that live objects. This is a really poetic way to see the art creation. Has a mixture of past and present this installation also is based by the ideas of Superstudio’s Quaderna line, environmental installations by Ettore Sottsass, Scott Burton and James Lee Byars’ utilization of man as a symbol object.someone’s watch.




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