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Bottega Veneta Furnishes Miami’s Palazzo del Sol
Bottega Veneta Furnishes Miami’s Palazzo del Sol



Bottega Veneta unveiled their latest furniture collection at last year’s Salone del Mobile 2018. This luxury brand recently furnished Palazzo del Sol, at Miami Beach’s Fisher Island. Today, Miami Design Agenda walks you through the amazing residential development, and its incredible features, brought to you by Bottega Veneta.


Bottega Veneta Furnishes Miami’s Palazzo del Sol

Bottega Veneta it’s a famous luxury brand that has impressed so many people with their amazing creations on the fashion subject. This Italian high-fashion brand has also transcended the fashion border, turning to the interior design. As suspected, Bottega Veneta impressed everyone once again, with their latest furniture collection at Salone del Mobile 2018.


Bottega Veneta Furnishes Miami’s Palazzo del Sol

With the amazing collection unveiled at one of the most important design events in Europe, Bottega Veneta recently took a step forward and embraced an amazing project. Palazzo del Sol was the location chosen for this recent luxury furnishing, which is at Miami Beach’s Fisher Island. This Home Collection sits on a concept of sophistication, that’s under the creative direction of Tomas Maier.


Bottega Veneta Furnishes Miami’s Palazzo del Sol

This Bottega Veneta‘s Home collection features partnerships with Osanna Visconti di Modrone. It also contains key elements such as the mahogany leather, paired up with exquisite materials that sit on the use of suede, leather, marble and oak. Palazzo del Sol is a four bedroom apartment, located on the 7th floor, that overlooks a breathtaking view over South Beach and Biscayne Bay.


Bottega Veneta Furnishes Miami’s Palazzo del Sol

Bottega Veneta displayed their collection on this 5000-square-foot apartment, where the warm hues and specific shapes contrasted beautifully with the views that surround the house’s location. Tomas Maier firstly did this project at the St. Regis, in Florence, never thinking it would happen in Miami, but fortunately it turned out beautiful.


Bottega Veneta Furnishes Miami’s Palazzo del Sol

Bottega Veneta subtly inserted the intrecciato weave onto their collection, which is a classic Florentine leather mark, that plays a big role on this brand’s creations. It’s possible to observe it from the stem of table lamps, to the cylindrical lampshades. This apartment also features its own elevator and a golf cart to stroll around this 216-acre property. This first residential project from Bottega Veneta, it’s currently on sale for $16m.


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