Behold The Mandarin Oriental, An Exquisite Miami Hotel From HBA – Miami Design Agenda

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Behold The Mandarin Oriental, An Exquisite Miami Hotel From HBA
Behold The Mandarin Oriental, An Exquisite Miami Hotel From HBA

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HBA – Hirsch Bedner Associates sits on a very well known interior design firm that focuses on the hospitality design, creating projects that are absolute masterpieces. They stand out beautifully from every interior design company that is dedicated on creating sophisticated spaces on the most luxurious hotels all over the world. These same hotels were some of the most exquisite and prestigious spaces such as The Beverly Hills Hotel, The Ritz Carlton San Francisco, and many more. Today, Miami Design Agenda presents you with the top five American hotels, and their incredible features.


Behold The Mandarin Oriental, An Exquisite Miami Hotel From HBA

HBA embraced this massive and challenging project that is the Mandarin Oriental, a top hotel in Miami. Located in the luxurious Brickell Key, this hotel shares an incredible waterfront, that proves the high-quality of this same project. From top to bottom, you’ll find extreme luxury décor, without leaving anything to chance, because this firm shares over 54 years of hospitality design experience.


Behold The Mandarin Oriental, An Exquisite Miami Hotel From HBA

Inside this famous Mandarin Oriental, you can discover some of the best restaurants and bars, that carry a prestigious status through their multiple awards. There’s a state-of-the-art Spa, that is embellished with the most breathtaking view of the bay, which transforms your holiday stay into the most out-of-body experience. This hotel has been visited by many celebrities, which also grants a level of high sophistication.


Behold The Mandarin Oriental, An Exquisite Miami Hotel From HBA

The Mandarin Oriental in Miami it’s perfectly ready to host business guests, as well as guaranteeing the many amenities focused on the leisure manner. Representing an incredible duality, you can enjoy this hotel both ways, either on holiday or business. HBA it’s an amazing company that really innovates the hospitality design, reflecting the luxury and sophistication all the way, in every room.


Behold The Mandarin Oriental, An Exquisite Miami Hotel From HBA

The Mandarin Oriental perfectly matches the design identity of HBA, as well as establishing the major surrounding concept which is the Miami vibe. The combination of these two elements, the result is absolutely incredible and completely worthy of the luxury definition. Throughout the hotel, you can observe many styles combined such as the modern and contemporary décor, classic and traditional, and also Mid-Century.


Behold The Mandarin Oriental, An Exquisite Miami Hotel From HBA

This project is the most perfect example of the professional journey of the company, which makes them the leading interior designers when it comes to hospitality design. They have over 1800 projects all over the world, and have gained more than 200 global design awards, which once again proves that HBA it’s a company to remember.


Credits by Hirsch Bedner Associates – HBA


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