10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World – Miami Design Agenda
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10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World
10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

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Sailing into the field of the most high-end and wealthy lifestyle, exploring new frontiers of the interior design world: The most exquisite yachts interior designs in the world. Ostentatious, yachts are truly the epitome of luxury transportation and are reserved for the few crème de la crème, being one of the most expensive and opulent vehicles in the world. In partnership with CovetED Magazine, we have a list of the most impressive superyacht projects and designs in the world.


Covet House Yacht Inspirations

10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

Covet House offers a curated selection of contemporary design from the world’s top furniture, upholstery, lighting, and accessories brands, also offering unique tools with the clear mission on creating an environment where luxury brands and Interior Design professionals work together and inspire the world. Already conquering the world of residential and commercial interior designs, the brand is now venturing in deeper waters and exploring new edges of the design, by creating, advising and inspire this small, yet opulent niche in the interior design market. They are going to showcase their amazing pieces at this year’s edition of The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2019, at the Booth #689.


Lady Moura designed by Luigi Sturchio

10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

Credits by Blohm + Voss

Launched in 1990, Lady Moura is a private luxury yacht, with an impressive 344 ft (105m) of length, guesting up to 30 people. With 15 cabins, this vessel is a pearl of the ocean. With a superstructure made of white-coated white steel, this yacht proudly sails throughout the world and has already hosted several personalities, including George W. Bush. It is currently the 28th largest private yacht in the world, but when it was launched, it was the 9th. Valued in an impressive amount of 250 million dollars, this superyacht is owned by Nasser Al Rashid, a Saudi Arabian multi-million dollar businessman, and Saudi royal family advisor. The Naval architecture for the yacht was built in Germany by Blohm + Voss, one of the top builders in maritime history, with 135 years in the business, not only in the luxury industry but also in merchant vessels and passenger ships. The interior and exterior design of the vessel was designed by the Italian designer Luigi Sturchio, and to this date, the interior of Lady Moura is kept as closed as a pearl inside its shell.


Motar Yacht A designed by Philippe Starck

10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

Credits by Blohm + Voss

Blohm + Voss strike again with the 390 ft (119m) luxury motor yacht, “A” was built in Kiel and was launched in early 2008 and it’s currently one of the largest motor yachts in the world. Featuring a panoply of unique features from her innovative engineering and design to the fantastic and completely ostentatious three swimming pools that create currents. Modern and sophisticated design and environment feature excellent use of space and wood furnishings, this structural design and engineering bring many benefits including waveless cruising. Both exterior and interior designed by Philipe Starck, a French designer and architect, mostly known for his light and contemporary designs, both for his use of shapes and materials. Costing around 300 million dollars, the superyacht is an homage to the contemporary design, although its interior is also very under wraps. It’s owner, Andrey Melnichenko is a Russian billionaire, industrialist, and philanthropist, he’s the mains beneficiary of EuroChem Group and SUEK. A fun curiosity about this massive yacht is the fact that its name “A” was used in order to make the vessel appear on the shipping lists, can accommodate up to 14 guests and is designed for 35 crew members on board.


Serene designed by Espen Oeino

10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

Credits by Fincantieri

The long history of this vessel is anything but serene. After the Italian shipbuilding company, Fincantieri delivered this massive ship in 2011 to Yuri Shefler, owner of the SPI Group, for 330 million dollars, the 439 ft (134m) superyacht was leased by the founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates for 5 million dollars a week. Ultimately, in 2015, Serene was bought by Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia for approximately 500 million euros. Serene’s hold up to 24 guests across 15 cabins, and fully ensures as luxury yacht experience, boasting a helicopter hangar, two helipads, an internal seawater swimming pool, hot and cold jacuzzi, and a jet stream swimming pool on the sundeck, and this is just a few of the exhaustive list of features and amenities that the yacht is able to provide, including a submarine garage and cinema. The lavish interiors were designed by Reymond Langton Design, a talented design team in which the team’s individual blend of skills has produced countless impeccable yacht designs. The imposing black exterior was designed by Espen Oeino, an award winner naval architect studio based in Monaco. With an aluminum superstructure and steel hull, the custom made superyacht is equipped with ultra-modern technology in order to provide the ultimate comfort and luxurious experienceSerene’s is an absolute inspiration for its internal and external designs, providing a sense of opulence and extravagance in every square inch.


Dubai designed by Andrew Winch

10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

Credits by Blohm + Voss and Lurssen

The ship of many names, Dubai was previously known as Platinum, Panhandle and Golden Star, before settling for Dubai. Worth 350 million dollars, the yacht is currently owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, her final name could not be more fitting. Its 531 ft (162m) length, makes Dubai the third largest yacht in the world, holding more than 115 guests. But its story was not this platinum clear, besides its renaming, the tumultuous past of the yacht was an originally a joint project but Blohm + Voss and Lurssen, but was ultimately acquired by Platinum Yacht that finished the project. Massive but elegant, the superstructure is painted in snow white, with a few enhancements in stainless steel around her portholes and large windows. The vessel was designed to perfectly symbolize the city, like and Emirate itself, the yacht was an enormous project reflecting the grandiose and her owner’s bold ambitious. The interior design tries to emulate and reference the Emirate, by building a luxurious superyacht. Refined lines and her elegant bow, work of the British designer Andrew Winch, is truly amazing by its simplicity, by making a spectacular sight of a ship without making it ostentatious. A huge skylight area incorporates a staircase with views of the waterfall that cascades from the yacht’s pool, located aft of the main deck. The striking pool features hand-made mosaics reminiscent of the marine life of the Persian Gulf. The artwork also serves as a reminder that the Emirate of Dubai has had a long relationship with the sea. Some of the amenities of the enormous yacht count with a 50 suites guest area, a VIP area, home theater, and a helicopter pad. Dubai conforms without a doubt to the highest standards of American and European shipyards. Regardless of one’s personal taste in terms of interior décor, the level of finishes onboard Dubai is simply sublime.


A+ / Topaz designed by Tim Heywood

10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

Credits by Lurssen

The 482 ft (147m) long vessel, costing an estimated 400 million dolors was built by the renowned German shipbuilding company Lürssen and was designed by the multi-award winner yacht designer Tim Heywood. His portfolio counts with some of the biggest ships in the seas currently, and for that incredible portfolio, he was awarded the coveted “Motor Yacht of the Year 2019” for one of his designs. Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family, and owner of the Manchester City football club, is currently the owner of one of the top and largest luxury yacht in the world, the Topaz superyachts. This water superstructure is designed to accommodate up to 62 guests, featuring a steel displacement hull, an aluminum superstructure, and eight decks. Launched in 2012 it’s interior designed was created by Terence Disdale Design, a studio based in the UK and renowned for producing refreshingly casual yet chic designs, Terence Disdale is one of the most respected names in the industry. The details of its interior have not been disclosed, but it is known that Disdale’s inspiration was a “beach house” style décorThe magnificent ship has the eight decks connected by a lift that provides access to the helicopter and swimming platforms, a gym, swimming pool, two jacuzzies, conference room, movie theatre, and two helipads.


Azzam designed by Nauta Yachts

10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

Credits by Lurssen

The ultimate superyacht, Azzam means “resolute” and it truly lives up to its name. An enormous 590 ft (180m) long ship, is currently the largest private motor yacht in the world, being delivered in 2013 for an astounding 600 million dollars. Owned by Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has a lot under his belt, being the current President of the United Arab Emirates, the Emir of Abu Dhabi, the Supreme Commander of the Union Defence Force and the chairman of the Supreme Petroleum Council just to name a few. Just like the previous yacht, Azzam was also built by the world’s leading shipyard for large luxury yacht building Lürssen, and the exterior designed by Nauta Yachts, a company specialized in this field of design, with more than 30 years of experience, this giant project could only be trusted to the most experienced team on the market. The bold and elegant exterior by Nauta Yachts incorporates many elements of visionary modern design, with a timeless and innovative design that could travel at high speed even in warm and shallow waters, always providing sophisticated and luxurious accommodation for its guests. This is truly an example of exuberance and offers many features, with high-end technology and performance, with its own mini-submarine and missile defense system. Renowned French designer Christophe Leoni conceived a sophisticated interior with luxurious décor inspired by the Empire style of the early 19th century but making Azzam a true milestone in modern yachting history.


Eclipse designed by Terence Disdale Design

10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

Credits by Blohm + Voss and Terence Disdale Design

Another project with Terence Disdale Design and Blohm + Voss, a perfect collaboration to create Eclipse, a superyacht capable of eclipsing any other on this list. This vessel, with 533 ft (162m) holds up to 36 guests and cost an impressive 700 million dollars. Delivered to Russian businessman and owner of the company Milhouse LLC, Roman Abramovich in 2010, is the perfect yacht for top VIP guests with two swimming pools with adjustable depth, several hot tubs, disco hall, exterior fireplace, three helicopter, and 2 helipads, submarine and many, many other features. Truly exuberant. Built with a displacement steel hull and aluminum superstructure, with teak decks, Eclipse is equipped with an ultra-modern stabilization system which reduces roll motion effect and results in a smoother cruising experience. Very little is known about the interior design, only that has a luxurious beach house-style providing pure relaxation and It was also designed by the same studio that designed the fabulous exterior.


The History Supreme designed by Stuart Hughes

10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

Credits by Stuart Hughes

Ostentatious. Luxurious. Over the top. No other word could describe the 3 billion dolor superyacht. As the world most unique yacht and probably one of the most expansive. Stuart Hughes, the UK based designer, sold this gem to an anonymous leading Malaysian businessman. The 100 ft (30m) may be small compared to the other yacht in this list, but it is incredibly huge in value with all its jewels, platinum, and gold. The yacht is covered in around 100 000 kg of gold and platinum, added to convey uniqueness to the project. All features including the deck, dining area, rails, anchor are made from precious metals too, the base of the vessel is also wrapped in gold. The most exquisite and literally out of this world features of the yacht is the main sleeping quarter wich is adorned in platinum also, with a wall feature made from meteoric stone and a striking genuine Dinosaur bone from a T-Rex. Also on board is a luxury liquor bottle featuring an 18.5-carat diamond, one of the world’s rarest, along with a panoramic wall aquarium made from 68kg of 24-carat gold. If that’s not enough some of the other on-board features include an iPhone wrapped in 500 cut diamonds including two interchangeable diamonds fitted over the “home button”, a 7.4-carat pink diamond and a rare eight-carat diamond. The one of a kind project toke 3 years to Stuart Hughes to complete.


Unique Circle designed by Zaha Hadid

10 Impressive Superyacht Projects In The World

Credits by Blohm + Voss

Blohm + Voss make yet another and the top of our list with a collaboration with one of the most known and remarkable architect studios in the entire world: Zaha Hadid. This contemporary take on superyacht concepts and design to deliver a prototype for a 420 ft (128m) yacht. The design inspiration is taken from fluid dynamics and underwater ecosystems, with hydrodynamic research shaping the design of the hull. Also, this exoskeleton connects the various levels and decks of the ship seamlessly via expressive diagonals. Zaha Hadid has created intense connectivity between the various decks and elements of the modern design: a language of the master prototype has been applied to subsequent variations of the Unique Circle Yachts 90m yacht concepts, creating a comprehensible and clear design with the highest correlation between the various design possibilities. The clean white contemporary interiors were also inspired by the ocean’s fluid form. It’s still unknown if and when the Zaha Hadid -designed superyachts will be built, but its still an unique project with a cooperative project between the expert Blohm + Voss and Zaha Hadid Architects working together to address the practical challenges of designing a yacht while remaining true to the strong unique design language of the master prototype. The resulting designs are the synergy and collaboration of Zaha Hadid’s design vision and the technical knowledge of Blohm+Voss, consenting flexibility, and customization in the eventual design of the luxury yacht.


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