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Tuomas Markunpoika

Tuomas Markunpoika  Tuomas Markunpoika Tuomas Markunpoika

Tuomas Markunpoika is a highly talented furniture designer from Finnland. He studied at Lahti University of Design and later at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. His latest nomination was for Design of the Year from London Design Museum for this year of 2013.

Tuomas Markunpoika cargo cabinet  Tuomas Markunpoika Tuomas Markunpoika cargo cabinet

“Engineering Temporality” was the exhibition that caught our attention because of its fragility and beauty. When asked about his inspiration, Tuomas said it all started with his grandmother who sadly suffered from Alzheimer.

Tuomas Maskunpoika cargo chair  Tuomas Markunpoika Tuomas Maskunpoika cargo chairTuomas believes that people usually don’t associate humanistic feelings, like fertility and temporality, with objects and therefore he tried to design objects that could be more symbolic to human beings.

Engineering Temporality Markunpoika  Tuomas Markunpoika Engineering Temporality Markunpoika

To create these unique pieces Markunpoika covered pieces of furniture with rings of steel in a way that they would look like a web. After he covered the pieces with the amount of steel rings he thought to be ideal he then destroyed the pieces by setting them on fire. This process allowed him to create these objects that seem like hazy weakened memories of the original pieces.

Tuomas Markunpoika cargo Cabinet Burn  Tuomas Markunpoika Tuomas Markunpoika cargo Cabinet Burn


DM_D3_IMM_15c  Tuomas Markunpoika DM D3 IMM 15c

Find out more about Tuomas Markunpoika’s work here.

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