Miami Design District

Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is a project that started with a partnership between entrepreneur Craig Robins and L Real Estate.

Together they want to transform Miami into a “vibrant destination for residents and visitors by presenting the best shopping, cultural and culinary experiences within an architecturally significant context.”

This is THE destination for anyone who wants to see what Miami has to offer when it comes to fashion and design. Take the day to go for a walk on the District where you will find some of the most renowned fashion and home décor brands in the world and sit at some amazing restaurants that offer you not only some unbelievable dishes but also all the comfort you can ask for after a long satisfying walk. Here you will definitely find some great inspiration and ideas for your Wardrobe and Home Decoration.

Miami Design District’s Archive is endless! Here are just some of the stores you can find at the main design and fashion cluster in Miami:

Armani Casa

270_armani--casa_8677  Miami Design District 270 armani casa 8677



dior-homme-post  Miami Design District dior homme post


Holly Hunt

100_holly-hunt_5415  Miami Design District 100 holly hunt 5415



hermes-boutique-opens-in-miami-design-district-03  Miami Design District hermes boutique opens in miami design district 03


Louis Vuitton

276_louis-vuitton_2424  Miami Design District 276 louis vuitton 2424


Mobili Moderni

266_mobili-moderni_3477  Miami Design District 266 mobili moderni 3477



35_prada-lights-up-the-design-district_7153  Miami Design District 35 prada lights up the design district 7153



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