“To live art as it has never been lived until now, taking it where it has never been before with passion and innovation”.

alex-turco-miami  MIAMI BEST ARTISTS: ALEX TURCO alex turco miami

A perfectly balanced mix of beautiful photography and multimedia graphics coupled with hand processed materials make Alex’s work an artistic breakthough bringing to life an elegant art form.

Alex-turco-miami2  MIAMI BEST ARTISTS: ALEX TURCO Alex turco miami2

Offering the client the rare opportunity to actively share in the creative process with the artist, his new Decorative Art Panels are custom made to meet clients requirements in terms of size, color, and finish.

alex-turco-miami-3  MIAMI BEST ARTISTS: ALEX TURCO alex turco miami 3

Conceived to lavishly style interiors and to rejuvenate the concept of living well, the Canvas Art Panels are a valuable accent to tastefully created atmospheres.

alex-turco-miami4  MIAMI BEST ARTISTS: ALEX TURCO alex turco miami4

The Aluminum Art Panels are specta-cular, one of a kind statements fashioned for either indoor or outdoor use.

alex-turco-miami5  MIAMI BEST ARTISTS: ALEX TURCO alex turco miami5

Alex Turco’s panels are distributed worldwide from his headquarter in Italy and in the United States; partnering with interior design and architectecture firms, business professionals has proven the versatility of the panels allowing them to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

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