Mercadito | Miami

Mercadito Night  Mercadito | Miami Mercadito Night

Mercadito is part of a group of Restaurants that are spread all over the US. The Interiors were a project by Vincent Celano as partner and co-founder at Seed Design Studio.

Mercadito  Mercadito | Miami Mercadito

In Miami it was also them who designed the LIV nightclub. Vinvent Celano who recently founded  the Celano Design Studio in NY has gained reputation in the hospitality design business by partnering with the W Hotels. The culmination of bold colors with the Miami local scene resulted in this fabulous space where you can feel the inspiration of Mexican artistry.

Mercadito in Miami  Mercadito | Miami Mercadito in Miami

Mercaditos, located in 3252 NE 1st Ave Miami, is essentially a Mexican Restaurant with a small detail that sets it apart from all the others. They combine the traditional Mexican cuisine with local seasonal ingredients which allows them to come up with very creative and authentic dishes!

Taco Carnitas  Mercadito | Miami Taco Carnitas

I can’t think of a better place to go for brunch on a hot Sunday or even for Dinner on a week day with your girlfriend or a friend. My personal favorites are the Taco Camarones and the “Pastel de Chocolate” (chocolate pie).  Try it out because it is worth the visit!

Little Market Drink  Mercadito | Miami Little Market Drink

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