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Judith Seng – Material Flow

ActingThings IV Judith Seng  Judith Seng - Material Flow ActingThings IV Judith Seng

Judith Seng is a German contemporary artist, creator of “Actin Things” an ongoing project that is on its 4th edition now. Acting Things IV – Material Flow was in exhibition at Design Miami/Basel. On this edition Seng decided to use dancing movements as a form of creation of objects. You can see why they call it “Material flow”, the results are stunning!

Acting Things Judith Seng  Judith Seng - Material Flow Acting Things Judith Seng

Her innovative approach and her love for Design have gained her great reputation Worldwide. Design Miami/Basel wasn’t exactly the first renowned show/museum that she has had the pleasure to present her work. She has exhibited at Seoul Arts Centre , Carousel du Louvre Paris, HAU Berlin and others.

Judith Seng Material Flow  Judith Seng - Material Flow Judith Seng Material Flow

Seng brought us a whole different perspective by looking at the production process as a dance. Not only does she get unique shaped pieces but she is also able to transmit a lot of emotions through them.

Acting Things 4 Judith Seng  Judith Seng - Material Flow Acting Things 4 Judith Seng

The results are amazing to observe but the whole process of production of these unique designs are what I found even more interesting! To see Seng dance with her flowing movements create these pieces was remarkable! She really brought us some Innovation to Design and for that I think we should all be grateful for.

Material Flow Judith Seng  Judith Seng - Material Flow Material Flow Judith Seng

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