Cecconi’s Miami Beach

Cecconi’s is a very well-known Italian | Venetian restaurant. Owned by Enzo Cecconi, the first opened in London during the 80’s and quickly became a big success. Finally London had a source for real authentic Italian food.

Cecconi's  Cecconi's Miami Beach Cecconis

Business was good until in the late 90’s they had to close. It suffered some changes and ownership was passed to an investor – Hani Farsi. In 2005 they made a partnership with Soho House who later bought the full ownership of the restaurant.

Cecconi's 3  Cecconi's Miami Beach Cecconis 3

Today it is still owned by Soho House and you can find a Cecconi restaurant in London, LA and Miami. The Miami Cecconi is located right on 4385 Collins Avenue, South Beach. The food is amazing and the interiors overwhelming, designed with antique niles, stripped tile floors and a nice natural touch of trees (Silver Buttonwood).

Cecconi's 2  Cecconi's Miami Beach Cecconis 2

If you’re looking for real authentic Italian food in Miami this would be the place. They will serve you Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

Cecconi'sPizza  Cecconi's Miami Beach CecconisPizza

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