BMW Art Cars | Art Basel

I love Art but I also have a great passion for cars! Which is why I’m so happy I attended the Art Basel in 2012! BMW being the partner of Art Basel (they provided some VIP shuttle service at the show) decided to have a small exhibition in the Botanical Gardens for some special invited guests of their legendary BMW Art Cars.

BMW-Art-Cars-Basel-2-thumb-620x390-51936  BMW Art Cars | Art Basel BMW Art Cars Basel 2 thumb  51936

Frank Stella Art Car, 1976

02-bmw-art-car-1976-30-csl-stella-03_1280x960  BMW Art Cars | Art Basel 02 bmw art car 1976 30 csl stella 03

Alexander Calder Art Car, 1975

BMW_CSL_1975_Art_Car_by_Alexander_Calder  BMW Art Cars | Art Basel BMW CSL 1975 Art Car by Alexander Calder

Robert Rauschenberg Art Car, 1986

06-bmw-art-car-1986-635-csi-rauschenberg-02_1024x768  BMW Art Cars | Art Basel 06 bmw art car 1986 635 csi rauschenberg 02

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