Avant Gallery

Avant Gallery located in South Beach Miami is a gallery that offers amazing and unparalleled objet d’art! It is constantly visited by innumerous celebrities in part because it is owned by Dmitry Prut who has a wide range of celebrity friends and of course because of the high quality unique pieces displayed inside.

avant gallery  Avant Gallery avant gallery

At Avant Gallery you’ll find more than just fine art, their wide collection includes also “furniture accent pieces” (like the Versailles Sofa by Boca do Lobo, see images below), sculptures, photography (Ysabel Lemay) and others.

You must make a quick stop by this vibrant and electrifying gallery if you want some inspiration and get more involved in the design world. Here are some of the artists/pieces you can see when go you visit:

Alejandro Vigilante “a multimedia painter who is in the process of developing a new strain of Neo-Pop art”

alejandro vigilante  Avant Gallery alejandro vigilante

Andy Warhol | I don’t think I even need to introduce this widely known pop art leading figure who had a key role in the advancement of Visual Arts worldwide

andy warhol  Avant Gallery andy warhol

Boca do Lobo | They produce exclusive emotional statement pieces all passionately inspired and handcrafted in Portugal. The “Versailles Sofa” was designed by Marco Costa an award-winning prodigy from Portugal.

versailles_amb  Avant Gallery versailles amb

Nathan Sawaya | His amazing large-scale sculptures made with nothing but Lego bricks have gained the attention of several art critics

nathan sawaya  Avant Gallery nathan sawaya

Santlov | The creator of graphic art collection “ToysRLikeUs”. It’s so much fun to see how he uses iconic toy characters and transports them into daily human situations/scenarios.

santlov  Avant Gallery santlov


nice bed by svantlov  Avant Gallery nice bed by svantlov

Ysabel Lemay | Born in Quebec this artist works on bringing us a deep connection between photography and painting.

Ysabel Lemay  Avant Gallery Ysabel Lemay

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