Alex Turco | Art Designer

Sometimes when you get into a store or a restaurant or any other space for that matter you think to yourself “Wow this place is amazing!”? Well, a lot of times we don’t even notice the small details that make that space so unique and beautiful. One of those “details” is art panels like the ones by Alex Turco.

alex turco  Alex Turco | Art Designer alex turco

They will give a certain space that little special twist that will turn the space into a gorgeous and unforgettable one!

1  Alex Turco | Art Designer 1

Alex Turco was born in Friuli-Venezia Giulia – Italy, son of a painter and graphic artist, Alex gained his passion for Art right in the early stages of his life. At the age of 9 he started using his creative vision in Photography and was even awarded for being the Best Young Photographer in the region. Later on, he evolved into the art of computer graphics.

alex  Alex Turco | Art Designer alex

Today Alex has a very important status in the World of Design and Architecture! His work is a combination of photography with multimedia-graphics resulting in true art statements. His Art Panels are made in both Canvas and Waterproof Panels.You can customize them in terms of size and colors or even work with Alex in getting your own piece of art. The company’s based in Italy and also in the US – Miami. You can find his showroom with in the heart of the Miami Design District.

Silver Trust Bedroom  Alex Turco | Art Designer Silver Trust Bedroom

One of the reasons I love Alex Turco is because of its versatility! You can use his work for residential projects (in a bathroom, in the living room, your bedroom or even on the outside!) or commercial projects (a store, a bar, a Hotel lobby, a restaurant), pretty much anywhere you want! Here are some well known places you may visit and see his art work:

Dior (Shanghai, Paris, Milan, LA) 

asd  Alex Turco | Art Designer asd


Oxygene – Bal Harbour Florida

2  Alex Turco | Art Designer 2


FDR Club (Delano Hotel)

Delano-FDR-4  Alex Turco | Art Designer Delano FDR 4

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